Nice Talk #2 Recap: How to be a Business-minded Designer

Nice Talk #2 Recap: How To be a Be a Business Minded Designer

In the ever-growing design industry, it is paramount that designers take an extra step to make themselves stand out among the rest. While it is a popular path for designers to keep honing their craft, some designers go out of their way to integrate their business knowledge into it. A business-minded designer is someone who […]

Nice Talk #1 Recap: How Project Manager Handle Miscommunication

Nice Talk #1 Recap: How PM Handle Miscommunication

Miscommunication is a common thing in human interaction. It’s tricky, especially if your daily job revolves around maintaining communication between parties, just like a project manager. However, it can snowball into a more significant problem later if not prevented from the start or resolved correctly. Thus, a great project manager should be able to keep […]