Digital Transformation

Nobu Bank has been one of our earliest client at NTMY and is still going strong right now. There are quite a number of Nobu Bank digital products that we have helped to design and NOBU Neo mobile application was the first one we started with. We can say that NOBU Neo is like an open door to the whole company’s transformation following many drastic changes that happened after.

The higher level management in Nobu Bank decided to shift their target market from the older generation to the younger generation. Thus, they decided to reposition themselves by starting from the way they reach out to their customers.

Making E-Banking Easy

NOBU Neo is a whole new experience for Nobu Bank customers as it allows them to have access to main banking services all in one mobile application. From bank applications, e-KYC, pay their billings, to bank transfers.

Designing NOBU Neo was not an easy task for us. Since it is a banking backed application, every decision has to be made with countless of considerations.

The need to bridge between the customers’ needs and what possibly could happen in the backend development was prominently evident. Not to mention regulations from OJK, hence obvious changes and adjustments here and there are expected.

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