Better Than a Common Beauty Clinic

Dermatologue Portfolio

A Beauty Clinic at Siloam Hospitals TB Simatupang

Siloam Hospital TB Simatupang’s Dermatology Department is a highly trusted hospital-based beauty clinic under Siloam Hospitals, with an international standard of quality for doctors, hygiene, equipment, and so on. They also offer advanced surgical treatments, which are not commonly found in general beauty clinics. They are also concentrating more on aesthetic treatments.

As a beauty clinic that provides excellent services, they undoubtedly require an impression that appears premium, classy, and of high quality. This is possible with careful and well-managed social media design. Therefore, we are here to serve as their solution.

Impression is Important

A Social Media Makeover

With an Instagram design that is appropriate and consistent with their identity, which is to provide an elegant service, it provides good branding and impressions for all of their customers. If they perform their services extremely well without hesitation, then so must the image that must be displayed.

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