Nobu Bank

Nobu Bank

The Big Transformation

Designing a landing page for Nobu Bank is like building a new home. This is a huge opportunity and at the same time a stepping stone for us to be trusted by Nobu Bank to make over the company wide branding.

Rebranding for a public company such as Nobu Bank is not an easy decision because the logo, colour tones and the way they represent themselves have to be familiar in their customers’ mind for a long run. From velvety red to bluey sunset sky represents that Nobu Bank’s new target audiences are now younger-age market. Such target market, Nobu Bank has to tap in to online channels like website, mobile applications to be relevant.

Working together with the bank

The process itself to discover the design need is not too complicated because clients are so open minded for suggestions. There are quite a range of references out there, but of course, we have to adapt the best-familiar ways and opt out some not suitable features. At the end of the day, we’re not inventing another new wheel.

We’re not playing safe. We have added various new features that many banks in Indonesia dare not to provide on their website. With the loan calculator, everything is transparent and gives customers the ability to plan ahead. Customers can now compare between two products that they wish to prioritize. Another new feature allows customers to search for the locations of the nearest Nobu Bank in their domicile.

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