Democratizing Learning in this Digital Era

MauBelajarApa is an online marketplace learning platform based in Jakarta with the aim of bridging learners and educators. The term “Mau Belajar Apa” literally means what do you want to learn in Indonesian.

Time for a Fresh Look

After 5 years of establishment, in 2020, the founding team felt that it is time to rebrand their logo with hopes of highlighting its values and what they stand for in this age where learning must go on.

We enthusiastically embarked on a journey to develop their logo, starting by capturing the essentials based on the founder’s vision and mission for the company. After which we proceeded to ideation, sketches and finally with the application upon finalizing with the logo.

Nowadays, it has become widely known and often enough, presents itself in social media posts, digital pdf books and web banners, as well as their very own website.

Highly profesional and super responsive, NTMY Studio is a dream come true. They listened to my ideas and needs the created branding and designs that for exceeded my expectations. They are a pleasure to work with!

Jourdan Kamal, Founder & CEO of MauBelajarApa

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