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Highly Dedicated in Software Developing

Hyperjump is a superior software house that exists today. Their own strength is their high dedication to the product that they developed. We have worked on more than 10 projects related to software services, UX design, and other digital products with Hyperjump. We also play an important role with the design thinking process and its execution. 

Better Experience for the Users

The target audience for Hyperjump is software users from various fields. The goal of Hyperjump is to make it easier for them to use the software by making it accessible and simple to understand. With our best efforts, we assist Hyperjump in achieving their mission. From time to time, we always strive to enhance quality to provide the best user experience.

Prologue to “Monika”

We collaborated with Hyperjump’s developer team to design the landing page for a feature called “Monika”, a monitoring tool that notifies when the web is down. With a deep dive into the discovery and designing process, we decided to bring a futuristic concept to life, mostly with a dark theme implemented. With Monika, we hope to be more accessible and faster when we fix a website every time it is down. After all, Monika can rapidly detect any kind of error you need to fix.

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