Raising Awareness of Residential Properties through Social Media Design

Dwicitra Mekar Abadi

Home is more than just a House

Dwicitra has more than 30 years of experience in developing large-scale Real Estate areas in the Greater Jakarta area. Every residential area built always prioritises infrastructure, facilities, and facilities to create a complete, comfortable, and luxurious residential feel for the needs of its residents. They don’t just build houses, they build homes for families.

Promoting Residential Properties through Design

One of the ongoing residential development is Panjibuwono City. It is 200 hectare modern township in Bekasi that offers the best quality infrastructure and community living. We creatively supported them in various ways that includes their content planning and design developments.

We also set the design guidelines for Panjibuwono City. As well as create a new look for the City’s social media, transforming it into a modern, elegant and more premium look.

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