Dapur Ruben (Ruben’s Kitchen)

dapur ruben

The Story

Dapur Ruben was founded in 2020 by the husband and wife duo, Ruben and Kania. Right from the start, Ruben has always been a food lover and loves to serve meals for his family and friends straight out of their homey kitchen. 

It’s Getting Real

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak that year, Ruben and Kania decided to send food to the healthcare front-liners as a way of showing their appreciation and support. It’s not until the middle of the year, along with the encouragement of their friends and family, they officially started Dapur Ruben. (which literally means Ruben’s Kitchen.)

From Southern Style Fried Chicken to Asian Chopped Salad, the list goes on. Customers were put on waiting list for weeks due to the increasing number of orders, which took the owners by surprise. Without a doubt, to keep up with such a demand, a great design for the brand is a must.

We had the opportunity to be able to see the business grow by taking care of all the design aspect. From establishing their brand guideline to creating their social media post and story from the very beginning. 

Honestly, I didn’t expect too much at first, but after a few months working with NTMY, I am impressed by their service, communication skill, and quality of the work. They are extremely responsive, and one of the easiest people to work with. Thank you for being mega helpful!

Kania Anggiani, Co-founder of Dapur Ruben

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