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Dompet Kilat is here to give you a hand in lending the money you need. It is a peer to peer lending solution that helps people get that extra cash flow to fund their business.
Peomix is an Indonesian brand that specializes at products targeting men's hair and facial hairs. They mainly use peppermint essential oil and other natural ingredients for all their products.
BookingDokter is a company that helps to solve this problem by providing on-demand service that digitally connects patients and doctors within the nearest hospitals through their mobile application.
Booking and finding the nearest car repair shop has never been easy. Otoklix realised that this was a real problem and thus, aiming to solve it by providing a platform that helps the user locate the nearest car repair shop.
BRI Ventures (BVI) is a corporate venture capital initiative backed by Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), with headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. They aim to be the leading regional venture capital by numerous efforts.
Bringhome is a family owned business that prides themselves in the convenient yet innovative use of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) as a substitution from the traditional Gypsum and GRC (Glass-fiber Reinforced Concrete) boards that is to be used as ceilings.

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