Bunda Pintar Reaching Out to Suburban Health Clinics

Bunda Pintar Hero Banner

Newborn Lives Matter

Bunda Pintar is a program from Klinik Pintar to persuade the community to contribute and be proactive in improving the health quality of Indonesian mothers and children. We believe that a good pregnancy program and the process itself will determine the wellbeing of a newborn baby.

Introducing “GEMILANG”

There are several agendas in this program, such as webinars, online training, and an introduction to GEMILANG. It is an abbreviation of “Gelang Ibu Cemerlang”, a bracelet used by pregnant women with ECG technology to monitor blood pressure. It can also monitor the heart rate of the mother and baby. The data is reported in real-time through an application.

Mastering the Visuals

In this project, we were trusted to create various key visuals and assets for this campaign program. With a tight deadline, we managed to create various kinds of output, such as an introduction video, a video teaser for a webinar, icons, banners, flyers, and a presentation deck.

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