Assisting BookingDokter for Health Education

Booking Dokter

Booking Appointments Should be Simple

Ever since the pandemic hits, healthcare services has proven to be more important than ever. Getting a doctor appointment is now harder than ever, and the conventional way of doing so is simply too exhausting. Thus, BookingDokter is a company that helps to solve this problem by providing on-demand service that digitally connects patients and doctors within the nearest hospitals through their mobile application. Say goodbye to the long queues and now, getting an appointment is just one click away.

Addressing Health Education for the Masses

We are helping BookingDokter with their Instagram designs for educational contents relating to health and wellness. At the same time delivering the right illustrations for their application and website. Health is something that most people take for granted and BookingDokter desires to raise up this issue by providing the right information to the viewers. Designing the right educational contents that are easy to read and fun is never easy. Yet, we do our best everyday to make sure that the public is benefiting only from the accurate contents.

We weren’t afraid to explore more and play around with the concept by bringing the contents to life. Moreover, BookingDokter has already established their own branding style and in every design we tried to include that essence of their brand; that is the unique blue colour. Nevertheless, we give our best and constantly kept on improving their overall design quality.

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