Motion Design

Your Engaging Visuals, Now in Motion

Create fully customized motion graphics for your website, digital marketing, presentations, and other design material. Integrate a full-fledged design team from Nice to Meet You Studio into your marketing and creative teams to begin elevating your efforts with highly attractive motion design.

Short Animation Footage

Animated videos for promotional or instructional reasons are all created with your brand and target audience in mind.

Simple Motion Graphics

Simply animated visual and motion graphics generated for a variety of applications such as blog content, marketing materials, or advertising endeavors.

Short Digital Footage

Digitally rendered footage to showcase your product or brand in a captivating way.

Animated Logos/Icons

Improve your logos or icons, now with simple motion and animation to engage your audiences in a more attractive way.



Why Should You Subscribe to Us?


Top Creative Talent

As we have great creative talents that grow together as a team, we’re trying to make a great design accessible for all.


24-48 hours turn-around time

Say goodbye to the painfully long wait. Expect your first draft in 1 or 2 days.

Unlimited request and revisions

We have no limitation of request and revision, provided we work on 1 or 2 tasks at a time.

No Contract

You can cancel anytime with a minimum of 1 month's engagement. Get a 5% discount if you prepaid for 6 months.

Hassle-free and reliable

Focus on your business, leave the design stuff to us, and expect an extraordinary result and experience.

Wide variety of design capabilities

You have plenty of options to choose from, from a simple poster to UI/UX design. Just say what you need.

From Short Animation to Digital Footage

Nice to Meet You will move it like you want it.

Sometimes static design isn’t enough. The days of static creative being sufficient to attract a user's attention are long passed. To interact with viewers more effectively, motion graphics or animated material are becoming increasingly popular online as it improves your general performance.

Start from

USD 1,079/mo

How Can We Help

Leave anything design related to us. We shall do the magic for you in less than 24 hours.



Nope. Unlimited requests and revisions are kind of our thing here, so please request and revise as much as you want, provided we work on 1 task at a time, unless you’re on an Ultra plan which caters to 2. We will only move on to the next task upon approval of the current task.

Nope, there is no hidden fees. Just a monthly flat rate.

We do not cater to photography and videography for now. Please check our pricing page for more details.

Depending on the scope of the design work, look forward to your first draft update in 24 – 48 hours.

You will submit through our design request form and manage it through project management tools such as trello. Once your subscription plan starts, a dedicated project manager will guide you through this process.

Want To See What Else We Can Do?

We have a wide variety of design work to choose from, with so many kinds of clients.

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Empowering design capabilities of tomorrow startups & enterprises. Nice To Meet You Studio was established as a fully remote and distributed company based in Indonesia, with the goal of globally democratizing great design for all by making it affordable yet reliable and hassle free.

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