Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Is there a limit to the design requests and revisions per month?

Not neccessarily, but we highly recommend to plan number of design you need for a month and discuss with the assigned PM, so that you can have more optimal outputs.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope, there are no hidden fees. Just a monthly flat rate.

Is there any design task that is not supported?

We do not cater to photography and videography for now. Please check our pricing page for more details.

How long is your average turn-around time?

Depending on the scope of the design work, look forward to your first draft update in 24 – 48 hours.

How do I submit and manage my design requests?

You will submit through our design request form and manage it through project management tools such as Trello. Once your subscription plan starts, a dedicated project manager will guide you through this process.

How NTMY works

What does 1 active task mean?

1 active task refers to the current slot of ongoing task the designer is currently working on. We will not move on to the next task unless the current task has been approved.

What does 1 Brand/Product mean?

1 Brand/Product refers to an identifiable offering produced by a single company, service or business entity. You can always subscribe to more than one subscription plan should there be a design need for more than 1 Brand/Product.

How many design tasks can I get within a day?

There is technically no limit to how many tasks you can get daily. As soon as the active task has been approved, we will move on to the next task. From our past experience we can completed at least 1 design task per day.

Just do note that some tasks are more complex than others, and it might take rounds of revisions.

Can I talk directly to the designers?

Nope. All communication will be channelled through your dedicated project manager within working hours.

How can I view the progress of the design?

You can view it through project management tools such as Trello, or simply ask your project manager for any progress updates.

Are the project managers and designers available 24/7?

Nope. Our official business hours are Mon to Fri. 9 am to 5 pm Western Indonesian Time (WIB). Excluding all Indonesian National Holidays.

What happens when my subscription ends while still having outstanding task being revised?

We allow up to 2 working days after the end of the subscription to finalise any outstanding task.

Scope of Work

Do you do motion graphics, 3D animation or moving pictures related work?

We only cover simple motion graphics as well as video editing. Please check our pricing page for more details.

What do you mean by ‘Simple Motion Graphics’?

We refer to this term for tasks that cater to moving the existing design assets either in the GIF format, making static graphics “alive” or even transitioning from one frame to another in a storyboard.

For the digital product, do you develop the websites and apps as well?

Nope. We will only provide the UI/UX design for the products.

What if I’m on the starter plan and need a once-off presentation slides design?

Purchasing Nice Credits will be your solution! Nice credits are like the ala-carte here that allows you to request a once-off task that is outside the scope of your plan. Speak with us for more information.

Aside from Nice Credits, is there other add ons on top of the design plans?

Yes of course! We now cater to Creative Writing too. We will come up with everything from copywriting to the final design. You can now relax and smile.

Pricing Plan

Can I upgrade or stop my subscription plan at any time?

We suggest to upgrade or change plan on the following month to avoid confusion with government tax and other payment process. Of course, if change of plan is required for your business, please talk to our assigned PM and they will assist you accordingly.

Are Is there any discount if I subscribe annually or semi-annually?

Nope. All monthly subscription plan prices are fixed. There is no discount even if you pay for a few months in advance.

Can I buy Nice Credits instead of subscribing to a plan?

Nope. Nice Credits are only available as an add on for current ongoing subscribers.

Do you have special pricings for high-volume design requests?

Nope. All monthly price for the subscription plans are fixed and we carry out each request task by task. However you can add more plans to double the output. For example, you can subscribe 2 Ultra Plans to get 4 Active Tasks at a time. 


Can I start my subscription first and pay at a later date?

Nope. All subscription plans are prepaid. As soon as the payment is made, you can then start requesting right away.

Is it possible to refund my money if I cancel my subscription?

Nope. There will strictly be no refunds.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all payment methods (Manual Bank Transfer via BCA and Credit Card via Xendit).