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A campaign must be executed properly in order to attract as many people as possible to whatever statement you want to express, whether it be a product, brand, or anything else. In addition to being attractive in terms of function or features, the visual presented must be as appealing to the eyes of customers as possible. Nice to Meet You Studio is eager to collaborate with you to handle the design aspects for your campaign.

product marketing campaign

Product Marketing Campaign

Give your customers something new and refreshing, both in terms of product and presentation.

brand awareness campaign

Brand Awareness Campaign

For your potential customers, let them know that your brand is there to fulfill their needs.

content marketing campaign

Content Marketing Campaign

Need a boost in engagement? Let's engage audiences in ways they don't expect.

other custom campaign

Other Custom Campaign

Anything else we didn't mention? You can request any campaign you want, you name it.


Why Should You Subscribe to Us?


Top Creative Talent

As we have great creative talents that grow together as a team, we’re trying to make a great design accessible for all.


24-48 hours turn-around time

Say goodbye to the painfully long wait. Expect your first draft in 1 or 2 days.

hassle free and reliable

Hassle-free and reliable

Focus on your business, leave the design stuff to us, and expect an extraordinary result and experience.

wide variety of design capabilities

Wide variety of design capabilities

You have plenty of options to choose from, from a simple poster to UI/UX design. Just say what you need.

From Product Campaign to Any Custom Campaign

There’s no restrain

Regardless of the sort of campaign, the aim remains the same: to draw the public. Good visualization is applicable to all campaigns, regardless of nature. People will initially look at the visuals before they listen to your fascinating ideas. So, make it one of your top goals when launching a campaign. Don't be concerned about the design process; as long as you have a concept, Nice to Meet You Studio is ready to work on it.

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Leave anything design related to us. We shall do the magic for you in less than 24 hours.




Not neccessarily, but we highly recommend to plan number of design you need for a month and discuss with the assigned PM, so that you can have more optimal outputs.

Nope, there is no hidden fees. Just a monthly flat rate.

We do not cater to on-site photography and videography for now. Please check our pricing page for more details.

Depending on the scope of the design work, look forward to your first draft update in 24 – 48 hours.

You will submit through our design request form and manage it through project management tools such as trello. Once your subscription plan starts, a dedicated project manager will guide you through this process.

Want To See What Else We Can Do?

We have a wide variety of design work to choose from, with so many kinds of clients.

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