Invest in Design For The Bright Future Ahead

Invest in Design For The Bright Future Ahead




Nay Madani


Who says that design will only damage your business? Let’s try to change your mindset as a business owner. First thing first, you should invest in design because it provides many benefits in the long run.

Why is it? Design is an essential element in your brand. You will continue applying designs to aspects such as logos, product packaging, promotions on social media, and even billboards that you will put up to advertise your products in public places.

You might refuse to apply the design to your brand for many reasons. For example, you might feel too busy taking care of your business operations, thinking it is useless to spend money on designs, or your business is still in the earlier phase, so you don’t need it.

Design becomes baggage if you think it’s unworthy

A mindset saying that design becomes a burden for your business is a big mistake. These are some of the reasons which hinder your business when you underestimate the power to invest in design.

1. You are too busy to create the design

When building a business, you will focus on branding your business to as many customers as possible. You will try to increase your product or service sales and grow your business operations. However, customers will be more interested in products or services that have captivating visuals. Customers will see the credibility of your business for the first time through your logo and brand display on social media.

So, you need to invest in design. You can hire an outsourcing design team to help with your daily design needs. Choose a suitable plan for your brand to focus on managing your business operations. Read articles about outsourcing design teams here.

2. Design isn’t worth the cost

You may think that the costs you spend on design are in vain. But, as a business owner, you can say, “Ah, the design doesn’t necessarily increase my sales.”

Through design, you can create digital campaigns on social media to promote your products. The Internet is connecting everyone. So, you must use it very well to invest in design to showcase your brand.

You can choose a design plan that fits your budget. Applying design, especially for your brand’s visual identity, will have a good impact in the future.

3. You feel that it’s not the time to use design yet

Maybe, you just established your business. You may feel it is not time for your small business to use design for promotional purposes. However, it would help if you instilled an excellent visual to set up your business. For example, a new brand certainly needs a logo to differentiate and stand out from other brands. Then if you sell products, you need a good design for your product’s shape and packaging.

See? Design is a fundamental element when you build a business. Therefore, eliminate the mindset that you don’t need a design. Investing in design by adjusting your brand’s capabilities to how far you need to go is critical.

It provides long-run rewards for your brand

The design provides a bright future for your brand. Through the power of design, you can do brand positioning and strengthen your brand image. That way, you can stand out among the competitors.

1. Great design is memorable

Your audience will remember the essential elements you used in your design. For example, when people see a mermaid picture, they will immediately recognize the Starbucks logo. Likewise, when someone mentions the red fried chicken brand, people will immediately remember KFC.

Starbucks Logo
KFC Logo

Combining design elements, including shape, color, typography, and images, is essential to building a brand. This phenomenon can occur because the human brain can receive information more quickly through visuals. So, invest in design while you know how important it is. Read articles about how our brains work when viewing visual content here.

2. It improves customer’s loyalty

A good design will increase your customer’s trust. Your brand will convey the message and value to the audience through appropriate visuals. They will know the essence and benefits of your brand in their lives when you invest in design. Authentic experiences that give a good impression will make your brand continue to be used and consumed by them.

3. It increases your sales

Using design combined with good copywriting can attract the audience’s attention to your brand. You can do it through promotional content on social media and posters, along with billboards that you establish on the street. Ensure the message you want to convey when creating the design. By reading this article, you can invest in design as a visual strategy to increase your business revenue.

4. Your brand is strong inside-out

Design as a visual element requires consistency to be easily remembered by the audience. You have to apply it internally and externally. You can convey your brand commitment through a good design. So when your audience looks for your brand, they will see the same message and values on any platform.

In addition, good visuals improve the internal team’s performance. People who work in your business will feel proud and own the experience. It can enhance employee performance, even by a simple gesture of making a T-shirt with your brand’s logo.

Measure your business capacity to have a decent design

Now, look back at your business and analyze how far implementing design can improve performance. Do it now if you believe it is crucial for your business process.

You can work with Nice To Meet You and choose the appropriate plan. You should also participate in the Nice Design Conference 2022, which brings business and design experts together to gain meaningful insights. There are many benefits if you invest in design and make the most of it!

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