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How to Develop Creative Leadership




Nay Madani


What happens if someone doesn’t have a creative mindset? Most likely, he will stick to the rules and not find other innovations that can be better. That’s why creativity is an important skill that every leader must-have. The new, interconnected world presents social and global challenges, and creative leadership must meet them using bold and innovative solutions.

What is Creative Leadership?

Creative leadership can embrace change as an opportunity, envision a desired future, and unleash courage and collaboration.

These abilities can help you make more effective decisions for your team and use a creative approach to develop new business plans.

According to IBM research, creativity is ranked as the most important leadership quality for business success especially with leaders, ahead of integrity and global thinking.

Survey results from the perspective of 1,500 corporate heads and public sector leaders on what drives them to manage their companies in today’s world.

Creative leadership can see things in new ways and solve problems from a different perspective. Moreover they build an environment not only that can foster creativity from their team, but also promoting a culture of innovation.

Everyone in the organization or business must be able to show this quality in themselves, from managers, business owners, and employees, to encourage a creative culture of collaborative building. The role of the creative leader is significant for today’s ever-changing business climate and culture.

The Challenge of Creative Leader

First, no businesses are safe. This is because besides the constantly changing world, human behavior is also changing. As a result, this change can pose as a real challenge for creative leaders. It can affect their strategy, career, experience, and how they think. Let’s look at some of the challenges in more detail!

  • Lead the team

It is the ultimate challenge! Lead the team need creative skill starting from setting work strategies, instilling pride, providing support, building team norms, and how to engage effectively with all team members’ tasks.

  • Inspire and develop the team

Creative leaders must be able to transmit enthusiasm and motivation to their team members to inspire their team by working smarter. Besides providing effective coaching, they should also mentor and develop the potential of each member.

  • Facing Change

Changes are bound to happen internally and externally. Thus, creative leaders are called adapt by reading the situation as well as dealing with the team member’s reactions to such change.

  • Managing Relationships

Creative leaders must be able to manage relationships and build an image in the work environment. It includes getting managerial support, managing, influencing others, and getting support from other departments, groups, or individuals.

Tips to be a great creative leader

Creativity is not a natural ability. In fact you can hone and train it accordingly. You can do the tips below to develop yourself as a creative leader.

  • Keep learning to hone your skills

Firstly of all, broader insight triggers the creative mind. This is because you have various perspectives on seeing a problem and finding a solution. Subsequently, leaders should also look to other experienced individuals when learning about leadership and management. Employees and other individuals in similar positions are fantastic resources for learning how to become better and more creative leaders.

  • Take time and have fun being creative

Every creative leader needs time to clear their head, reflect, and be creative. A fresh mind will trigger new ideas to emerge. Relaxing and enjoying activities with like-minded individuals leads to energetic conversations and open forum brainstorming.

  • Attend seminars that you like

Take online or offline seminars with exciting themes to follow and support your work. On top of that, you can also be a speaker, create insightful content on your website, or even sharing your thoughts on LinkedIn. It allows you to share your knowledge and be an inspiration to others as a creative leader.

  • Let your team grow

Giving the team autonomy and decision-making power allows their creative leadership skills to develop. You can also inspire the team you lead to share their ideas and insights on everyday decision-making. As a result, this creates a creative and positive environment that encourages problem solving.

It’s time for you to act with creative leadership!

Creativity is one of the skills that a leader must have. Successful business and team management requires innovative thinking and being quick to respond to any changes. Adapting to change can allow you to make effective decisions for your business. Creative leaders should emit positive energy and enthusiasm in the work environment. All leaders can be creative and should! You can develop your creativity as a leader by continuing to learn and hone your skills, do fun things and attend insightful seminars! At the Nice Design Conference, you can get a broader insight into creative leadership with the experts. Join now to be better prepared for change!

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