How to choose social media and design it for business

How to Choose Social Media Platform and Design It for Your Business




Nay Madani


Social media makes it easier for businesses to reach customers and interact with them to promote their products. However, the design decides whether it will attract customers’ desires to buy or use the product. With a design that matches your brand identity and engages, your business will gain interest from customers. After all, social media is a touchpoint that requires design attention.

How to choose the right social media platform

Almost all social media can support your business’s development. However, using all platforms can be confusing. So, you should focus on one or two social media to use. How to determine it? Consider the things below!

  • Determine who your business target audience is

Get to know your audience, specifically what they like, their habits, and what trends they are following. This helps you more easily determine the following strategy.

  • Research what types of content your audience likes

After determining the right media platform, you can then research content types and decide what type of content you’d like to create. Start exploring what kinds of content your target audience likes the most and then develop your own content according to your brand identity.

  • See which platforms your target audience uses the most

After recognising the audience’s character and the content types they like, you can then determine which social media platforms to use. It can be good if you choose platforms that your audience uses most so that you can reach them and show your products or services.

How to design social media content for business

Social media is one of the touchpoints for your business. Therefore, highlighting your brand identity and visuals in these facilities is essential. These 6 things will make your social media look professional visually and convince your audience!

1. Use a consistent color palette and style of images

What kind of things would your brand like to do and see if your brand was a person?

You can discover your brand’s personality and find suitable images or color palettes. Use consistent color and image styles to establish a brand identity on social media. This consistency makes your audience easier to remember your brand positively.

2. Create various types of content

Not only photos of your products or services, vary the content that will be posted so that your social media looks more interesting. Diverse content can reach a wider audience. For example, consider the content of quotes, tips and tricks, memes or infographics.

3. Adjust the dimensions according the social media you use

Each platform requires different dimensions. So, adjust the sizes of your content design according to the social media of your choosing. It can make the visual look proper and create a more effective social media strategy for brand awareness.

4. Make sure the logo position is consistent

Keep your logo manageable for your layout design and make sure it’s consistent. For example, you can put your logo in the image’s center or corner as long as it doesn’t hinder visual beauty.

5. Choose a font that describes your business identity

We recommend using only two types of fonts if you want the visuals to look clear. Choose a font or two that not only fits your business identity but also complements each other, as this is a crucial element in social media design. Whatever type of font you use, try to keep it consistent or the same in every post.

6. Pay attention to hierarchy and typography

The words and images in a content’s visual hierarchy must be well-organized to help audiences sort the message, likewise, with typography. For headlines, make sure they are bold and easy to read. For body copy, maximize readability by using the correct amount.

Find the best social media platform and ensure the design is outstanding!

The content must also vary according to the characteristics of the social media. Hence, using all existing social media platforms to promote your business will only cause confusion. You can instead choose one or two social media that are most appropriate when starting a business so that the product can reach the right target audience. After selecting a suitable social media, ensure the content design is consistent and can highlight the brand identity so that your business looks professional and convincing.

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