How to Grow Your Design Career

Equip Yourself with Experience in a Dynamic Industry




Nay Madani


Becoming a designer is a creative choice. By working in creative fields, you also learn about human life, relationships, and the experience of how to be human through design.

But does your journey to becoming a great designer or business owner stop here? Do you feel your voyage is stuck, and you think you won’t reach your destination?

As a stakeholder, you should consider your long-term plan for your business. Will it last? What do you need to achieve your goals?

Just like any other profession, being a designer and running a business can’t just stay in one place. Develop your experience to become a designer and a business owner who can sail the oceans in the long term.

Three ways to level up your design

Don’t just stay in one place. Because if you never walk anywhere else, you will never grow.

People will never know what a building looks like if they never visit it. Or if they never saw the image of the building in the photo.

It’s just the same with designers. People have to walk and see the building in person to get experiences that others don’t.

1. Build marketable skills.

You can choose the abilities you want to develop to earn more money, whether in Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Product Design, or Web Design.

Look for it and choose the one you think you want to master the most. Because when you already like something and pursue it, you will do it with all your heart.

2. Proactively seek impactful scope.

Now that you’ve worked out the type of design you want to master, it’s time to decide where your scope of work lies. You can choose specifically from the food industry, fashion, finance, government, schools, courses, and many more.

If you are confused about choosing and still want to explore various industries, you can follow the work system of an agency. The agency accepts design orders from multiple clients that require you to learn about the initiative of the client project you are doing.

3. Align your career path with passion.

You’ve explored various design and industrial fields. Now, have you found your passion yet?

You are the owner of your destiny. The decision is always yours to determine your goals as a designer. So, pick one thing you want to do in the long term and consider it a part of your life.

Designing is not only about a career

When we talk about careers, the things that always come first are experience and ability. But, pursuing a career as a designer or business owner is not only about that. Some items can shape our character and personality as designers, so we are growing. What are those things?

Be the dumbest person in the room.

Even if you’re not good at research, you can still broaden your horizons as a human. Knowledge and references are indispensable in making designs. Like a library, you will need that knowledge and experience to produce visual images.

Try occasionally doing random searches on the internet. Be a fool who knows nothing but has a great desire to learn. Whatever the topic is, if you’re not the master, that’s your chance to keep learning. Not only through the internet but also through the people around you. Suggestions and input from others are vital in building your skills as a designer.

Fill up curiosity like a scientist.

Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, and other scientists always asked about things around them. The questions they were thinking about were so irritating that they had to find the answers. Thus, they could finally make a discovery that changed the world from that high curiosity.

Questions lead to clarity and answers. If you’re unsure about anything, don’t be shy to ask. Get rid of ego and shyness to ask so you won’t miss the opportunity.

Surround yourself with the masters

When you get the chance, surround yourself with talented people. Surround yourself with your competitors too. You will learn more from them than you have learned for years at school.

Can you learn something by yourself? Of course, yes. But if you want to go further, you must learn from others. No matter how far their position is from you, there is always a way to obtain knowledge from them.

Surrounding yourself with experts can also shape your new perspectives and habits. You will follow the way they work, act, and socialize. You will get to know the person better. You may also get to know other people who know the experts.

Join a design conference to fulfill your dreams!

You already have the ability as a designer and equip yourself with a designer’s character. Or you are a stakeholder of your company and want your business long last. You need to instill knowledge in yourself to survive as a designer or business owner in the long term.

Equip your knowledge as a designer and a stakeholder to survive in a dynamic era by joining the Nice Design Conference on 20-21 August 2022. Nice Design Conference 2022 will present insightful talks with 15 speakers from well-known brands and companies in Indonesia.

  1. Richard Fang – CEO of Nice To Meet You Studio
  2. Ernanda Putra – Creative Director of MAKNA
  3. Michael, Tito, and Sandy – Co-Founders of SANROK Studio
  4. Hari Prast – Visual Artist from BERAKAR Komunikasi
  5. Jourdan Kamal – Founder of MauBelajarApa
  6. Budi Tanrim – Group Product Manager of GovTech Edu
  7. Vincent Tjendra – Co-Founder and CEO of ASTRO
  8. Juventia Vicky – President of Hacktiv8
  9. Endra Masagung – Chairman of The Board of Dompet Kilat
  10. Vilia Ingriany – Co-Founder, Product Strategy & Design of
  11. Patricia U – Design Manager from BukaLapak
  12. Kathrin Honesta – Artist Illustrator
  13. Monika Halim – AVP of Product Design from Tokopedia

There will be three events with a specific topic from each speaker. First, there will be a Roundtable Session with 3-4 speakers for each case. Then, if you’re lucky, your portfolio will be selected and reviewed by professionals.

You must already know some of the companies or speakers attending. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to increase your knowledge and skills and surround yourself with great people at the Nice Design Conference 2022!

You can directly get early-bird tickets for one or two days pass. Visit Instagram and Nice Design Conference 2022 now to purchase your tickets and broaden your experience!

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