A Guide When the Design Result Doesn't Meet Your Expectation

A Guide When the Design Result Doesn’t Meet Your Expectation




Nay Madani


If you’re using a design service, you will encounter incidents where you are unsatisfied with the design result. At least you will experience this when collaborating with a designer once in your lifetime.

Does that mean your design is perfect if you say it’s good? Not necessarily. On the other hand, if you say it’s terrible, your design result is not necessarily bad either.

The criteria may also change depending on the type or purpose of the design itself. But at the end of the day, designs are made to convey a message and achieve a specific result. Of course, appearance is essential in this, but visuals alone will not tell you whether the design is effective.

So, evaluate the design result by ensuring it has the points your business needs.

Some things can hinder you from getting the best design result

You put your efforts into creating a design project and compiling briefs. However, there will always be obstacles that can make you unhappy with the design results. For example, you may be dissatisfied with the designer’s work due to miscommunication, not meeting expectations, not meeting deadlines, and plagiarism.

The low-quality design result

Misunderstandings with designers often occur when running projects. First, ensure the designer can create the desired design. These activities include providing a high-quality design, having an image that doesn’t crack when zoomed in, or feeling the design lacks a concept. The designer’s experience and fees determine both matters.

Unpredictable design

Designers have their perceptions when reading the brief you provide. So, sometimes they make designs that don’t match your brief guidelines. This phenomenon usually occurs due to poor communication between the two parties. However, this may also be due to your inability to explain the image you want to the designer. Another problem occurs due to incomplete design summaries, and designers include different, unexpected ideas. Therefore, the design result becomes less precise.

Communication barrier

Sometimes you choose the services of a remote designer who lives outside the city, even abroad. It would be best if you built long-distance communication because there can be language barriers between the client and the designer. Different languages ​​between regions or countries can hinder communication and the process of delivering detailed design briefs. So, wrong perceptions during conversation can make your design result less optimal.

Missing the deadline

Submitting designs untimely is another significant obstacle when working with a graphic designer. Companies without in-house designers must hire design services immediately to create marketing visuals quickly. Sometimes, designers charge an hourly rate if the clients want to speed up the design. However, revisions are expensive, and many designers don’t retouch after receiving a commission. In the end, the client becomes frustrated with the design results.


Designers charge additional fees for revisions or unforeseen reasons. However, some rogue designers create plagiarized designs and sell them to you. Therefore, it is important to continuously monitor the project designs, so they don’t resemble images of other brands.

If you are not satisfied with the design result, try doing these steps

Great design results have a positive impact on your business. But, first, you must ensure you deliver the message to the audience. So, discuss the things below with your designer if you are unsatisfied with the results.

– Check your brief again

The activity of building creative briefs and interpreting briefs into designs are not easy things. There is also the potential that the brief you gave was unclear or that the designer misunderstood the brief. So, check your notes and do the alignment again based on the brief. That way, you can get the desired design result.

– Submit a visual reference

Sometimes, designers need a reference before creating a visual form. This reference can be in the form of images, image vibes, or the look you want to produce. That way, designers can better understand your design desires and provide the best results.

– Give a clear feedback

We often give unclear feedback. Your reply shouldn’t just be, “Ah, the design lacks color.” Instead, try saying, “Shall we change the color in the top right shape to a brighter one?”

You can read this article to provide effective feedback to designers. So, designers can make improvements in the mentioned parts. In addition, clear and on-point feedback also speeds up the revision process and enhances the design result.

– Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively by asking something specific to avoid confusing the designer. In addition, provide clear and detailed explanations, so the designer understands your wishes. It would be best if you communicated effectively before negotiating with the designer. Finally, talk to the designer with an open heart and mind so that both parties give each other positive feedback for revision.

Get the best design result from an excellent service

Before creating a design project, ensure you fulfill the required materials and budget. Make sure you hire a design service by knowing how many revisions the agency provides. At Nice To Meet You Studio, we provide unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the design result.
You can choose the design package your business needs here. Also, don’t forget to visit Instagram @nicetomeetyou.studio to see our design portfolio!

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