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Design and Content Writing Are a Pair of Perfection

Everyone looks at content for information or just to be entertained. However, it can only be enjoyed well by combining good content writing and design. Designers are in charge of making the content interesting to look at, while content writers create the content accessible for the audience to understand. So, let’s explain why design and content writing is suitable for working hand in hand!

Why are content writing and design important for business?

Through content writing that is informative, easy to understand, attractive, and matching tone of voice to the audience, businesses can attract more consumers. But it will be more complete if the design also plays a role in optimizing a brand’s content. Especially now that social media is an essential means to reach more consumers. Without content writing and design, your social media business will be challenging to attract new customers.

Suppose a content writer is someone who tells a story for a piece of content and invites the audience to take action through writing. Meanwhile, a graphic designer is someone who will grab the audience’s attention through visuals so you can create thumb-stopping content.

How do design and content writing go hand in hand?

In the process, even though the designer and writer do their own work, they still collaborate. So let’s see what kind of designer and writer can collaborate together!

  • Defining content writing and design goals

Content helps retain customers or even increase revenue through valuable and exciting information. 

Content writing objectives include engaging, educating, or convincing your audience to take action. While the purpose of design is to highlight the text’s main points and attract the reader’s attention. Content writing and design must be considered for all the channels and formats you publish.

  • Decide which starts first

Which one comes first, design or content writing? Or simultaneously? 

It is better to start content writing first to help the design process become more effective. In addition, content such as guidelines for design and collaboration processes become more evident.

The design will usually capture the most crucial part of the content. Avoid working on content and design at the same time.

  • Know each other’s workflow

Designers and content writers must understand each other’s workload and how the process works to avoid missing deadlines. To make their work more accessible and more structured, content writers need to create a content calendar so that projects can be planned ahead of time. 

  • Content teams and designers collaborate to understand each other

Writers don’t want people to get involved in their messy drafts, and designers don’t want people to see the early stages of their designs. But if you establish communication early to see each other’s progress it will feel more like a collaboration. Moreover, it can prevent misunderstandings or unexpected revisions ahead of a deadline.

Let’s make awesome content together!

So designers are peanut butter for content writers’ bread. Content writer, be milk for designer cakes. Together, complement each other. Because when that iconic couple comes together, you can create truly amazing things. Don’t ask which is more important because both are equally important. If designers and content writers can collaborate, your brand can attract the attention of more audiences. Nice To Meet You studio has a design team and content team that will handle your social media content needs. Feel free to contact us if you need support for your content! 😉

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