Creative Team and Business Team Should Never Be Apart!

Creative Team and Business Team Should Never Be Apart!




Nay Madani


Have you maximized your potential between your creative team and business team?

As a business owner, you must invite both teams to collaborate. If the collaboration between them is successful, the value of your product and brand will increase. Then, you will also grow the audience’s trust in your brand.

However, there are always challenges in becoming a great brand. One of them is the collision that occurs between the creative team and the business team.

But really, what do we need to know about these two teams? How can we prevent problems from occurring between the two teams?

Check out the explanation below for tips to develop your branding teams.

A brand needs creativity from the design team

When we talk about a brand, we talk about innovation. What solutions can your brand offer to solve the audience’s problems? How influential is your brand’s products on the audience’s life?

Therefore, we need excellent creativity to be problem solvers. If your product can provide solutions to users, it’s time to share your ideas with others. Besides promoting your product, spreading awareness is also intended to convey your product’s value to the audience.

First, you can show the aesthetic and uniqueness of your brand’s original visual identity created by the designer. It can be the product’s shape, packaging, or images for your brand. Next, you can read the articles to escalate your visual identity and how it can boost your business revenue.

But a brand also needs achievement numbers from the business team

When we talk about business, we always talk about numbers. In the business team, of course, there are marketing people. These two things will not be separated, especially if your brand is very aware of the vital role of marketers in the business.

Marketers in the business team will try to sell your brand’s products as much as possible. They will also spread information about your brand widely. But, how much and to what extent can you achieve it? The answer is that you must do it by aiming the numbers.

The team will determine your brand sales using a key performance index (KPI). KPIs consist of metrics defined and agreed upon by the business team at your brand. For example, the marketing team will sell products online through Instagram. So, the KPIs used to spread information or awareness about your brand to the audience are likes, comments, follows, saves, and shares.

Never let both teams collide

Creative teams consider the importance of aesthetic purpose in content. On the other hand, business teams are striking for the numbers defined.

Nevertheless, one of the keys to the success of a project is communication. If what one team conveys is well received by the other team, you can ensure that the entire team will achieve the project objectives.

But, never let the two teams crash in showcasing your brand project. Problems like the ones below are often a bottleneck for your project.

1. Zero sense of belonging

When a creative and business team work on a project together, both must be involved in the process. No party should feel that the project they are doing is not theirs.

If you can cultivate a sense of belonging to your team, they will do it with full responsibility. If the teams work together, the obligation must be on both sides.

2. Priorities unsettled

Your team’s priorities will get messy when they work on many projects simultaneously. Moreover, some projects require different designs, such as graphic design, motion graphics, illustrations, and others.

Designers on a creative team will have difficulty setting priorities because of too much work with no plan. So, make a plan with a clear timeline and don’t collide. After that, determine the type of design or creative content needed.

3. Delivery process for each team is none

Miscommunication often occurs between teams. For example, it is typical for the creative unit to lack materials to make designs because the brief is unclear. Furthermore, the team is often late in knowing updates to the brief, or there are revisions because the business team does not confirm with them beforehand.

There are other problems, such as the different understanding between the two teams regarding a brief. This phenomenon can lead to fatal errors because you won’t achieve the content’s vision and goals.

Therefore, it is essential to involve everyone from the project starts. Thus, both teams will know the work, changes, and adjustments.

Build a bridge for them to work closely

Now, as a business owner, prevent these obstacles by coordinating the creative and business teams more solidly. Build positive and supportive forms of communication so that the two groups collaborate smoothly to achieve your brand goals.

1. Be the best partner

Even though they are in different divisions, the creative and business teams must achieve the brand’s goals. Be co-workers who are mutually supportive and open to suggestions. Notify other departments about the changes that require further adjustment. Do not blame each other so that the work climate remains comfortable.

2. Plan the worst-possible case

A plan will certainly not always be smooth when it reaches the end. We won’t consistently achieve the results, which is very natural. You can minimize risk by analyzing what will happen if you do a project.

Of course, you must involve both the creative and business teams. Plus, don’t blame anyone because you guys worked on this project together. So when it fails, everyone will learn, move on, and create new projects that will succeed.

3. Hire an outsourcing design team

You can do this method when you don’t want to take internal risks. Outsourcing a design team like Nice To Meet You can help you achieve your brand goals. We make plans and designs that you can use as promotional material for your brand.

In addition, hiring an outsourcing design team will save you more time, money, and energy. As a result, you can focus more on taking care of your brand operations.


So, what steps will you take as a business owner? First, you must ensure that communication between the teams is good. Therefore, the project you are working on continues to run smoothly.

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