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Content Pillars are the Foundation of Your Instagram Posts




Nay Madani


In the digital and social media world, there are numerous ways to optimize Instagram. For example, many brands create content pillars and hashtags or utilize the app’s features to boost engagement.

But you need to know that optimizing Instagram is very important. Hootsuite mentioned that Instagram has some advantages for your business.

  1. Instagram is the second most downloaded application in the world.
  2. It ranks seventh as the most visited site worldwide.
  3. Don’t forget that the word ‘Instagram’ is the ninth most searched by the audience.

So, it’s time for you to optimize your Instagram with the first important thing: creating content pillars.

The advantages of creating content pillars

Choose a way that makes it easier for you to organize your digital needs. For example, you can create content pillars to manage your Instagram. But what are the benefits of making it?

Easily navigate your contents

The internet is a repository of all information, content, and news. But, sometimes, the audience is confused and has trouble finding the necessary information. Besides, the time when they needed the data was also undetermined.

But with content pillars, you deliver the content they need at any time. Audiences don’t need to crawl the websites, social media accounts, or online news one by one. Suppose you apply the right SEO to your content. In that case, your content will immediately appear on the first page of audience searches.

Follow these methods to optimize SEO on Instagram.

  1. Write your username and profile as specific as possible.
  2. Use hashtags ranging from general to detailed.
  3. Write a caption as complete as possible so it can quickly appear in searches.

After you optimize SEO on Instagram, we guarantee you will get loyal followers who use your account as a reference and solve their problems.

Elevates the link pages

Google can identify the topic rapidly to determine why one website or content is ranked higher than another. For example, suppose your Instagram is helpful because the links work and offer relevant details. In that case, your Instagram will be the audience’s reference for all information.

Content pillars determine whether your Instagram has content with the characteristics mentioned. So, create your pillar first that concentrates on a significant subject. Then, based on your content pillar approach, create supporting topics to include in Instagram posts.

When each article links back to a pillar page that covers the main subject, Google will know right away about the topic of those particular content. Your Instagram will be number one in Google and Instagram searches because your content pillars work.

Keeps your content focused

There are still many Instagram business accounts that deliver the message unclearly. Sometimes the topic are too wide or the message is too weak. For example, there is a beauty company that posts contents about automotive or finance, which is not their business product.

By creating specific content, your audience will spend more time on your Instagram account. Content pillars make your posts relevant to their daily lives and automatically find the niche.

How to create a content pillar

In addition, content pillars are a crucial component of any effective social media strategy. Your content pillars guide your long-term content goals, plan, and timetable. So don’t ever rush to write hurried content pieces. Instead, ensure that every single part of your posts reaches the target audience by researching your pillar topics extensively.

Things to point out outside the content pillars

Apart from researching and developing the topic you want to address in the content pillars, there are a few things you should pinpoint. First, understand the following bullets to optimize your content pillar implementation.

Things to consider in content calendars.

– Content calendar

The content calendar is a guide for your creative team. First, determine the post and publication date on Instagram so you can prepare time for research and crafting the content.

You must pay attention to these elements when creating a content calendar.

1. Decide on what days you want to post the content

2. Check if there is a big day, holiday, or important day in the month.

3. Vary the content pillars alternately, so the audience doesn’t get bored.

– Hashtags

Hashtags make it easier for your audience to find your content because it associates with other posts that use the same hashtags. Choose relevant hashtags for your content, from the most general to the most detailed.

For example, you are discussing content about how to negotiate with the design team. Therefore, you must enter the hashtags sequentially such as #marketing #creative #design #designteam #tips #negotiation.

– Time to post

Pay attention to the time when you will post your content on Instagram. These hours depend on the demographics of your audience. Location and age can help you determine when to sound your content.

For example, you create content pillars of education and engagement in games and Instagram Live. Your education post is on Monday from 7-9 a.m. because that is when people start their activities. Thus, your content can help them kickstart the day.

Then, you can upload content about games and Instagram Live in the late afternoon at 5-8 p.m. or at weekends because people have come home from work or school. So, they need fun and refreshing content for their brains.

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