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Brainstorming is a Must for Designers!




Nay Madani


The creative design process contains many different milestones. From those milestones, brainstorming becomes essential before all the creative processes happen.

As a designer, we often get stuck when working on a project.

“I don’t think this matches the brand’s value. What do you think?”

“What color do I have to use for this one?”

“Is this shape right?”

Well, turning ideas into designs doesn’t always go smoothly. But it’s okay. Don’t be afraid if you experience it.

This phenomenon could be an opportunity for you and your team to find a better solution. Now, try doing this brainstorming to help you get out of being stuck!

Brainstorming help to solve problems

Brainstorming helps you generate many ideas. Throw away those bad or mediocre ones and create more fresh ideas.

Of course, brainstorming isn’t always to craft something from nothing. But, it can help to guide you in solving the problems.

“Are you doing this right? How can you make sure your design projects are successful?”

It might be the project problems, the client’s problem, or the design problems.

Therefore, designers need to brainstorm ideas to answer the question.

So, how do we conduct great brainstorming for design projects?

Choose the best brainstorming for designers

Group brainstorming is a good way when you do a design project. You can choose the proper one to ensure all your project members join.

1. Rapid Ideation

This brainstorming method is ideal for making sure everyone on the team participates. Get a piece of paper and write down as many ideas as possible in your head.

This method emphasizes quantity. Then, when you finish writing, compare your writing to each others’ and combine similar ideas into exciting concepts.

2. Mindmap

This classic technique is still proper as a brainstorming method. First, start with a topic and allow your team to develop ideas that branch off from that topic. Then, move on to the next branching layer.

It’s like creating a tree with its branch or a robot with its hands and legs. For example, start a topic of digital marketing. Then, you can damp down the subject of social media. From social media, you will focus on creating daily content. After that, you can directly pinpoint the visual design for each content.

3. Starbusting

Start by creating a star shape with different angles. Then, fill each corner with questions: who, what, how, where, when, and why. Finally, you and your team can fill in the corner points by writing down the answers to each question to develop innovative ideas.

A different angle creates another perspective, which means you can explore the various processes.

There are rules to do brainstorming

When you are brainstorming, try to appoint someone as a facilitator. It can be your project leader or any chosen member. The person who becomes the facilitator will guide, control, and monitor when brainstorming takes place.

Therefore, a facilitator must do these things to conduct a smooth brainstorming session:

  • Set the atmosphere

A productive brainstorming requires the correct atmosphere in the room. First, choose a location with ample whiteboard area or space on a wall. If there is a concern that the brainstorming would disturb other teams, you should adjust it accordingly.

  • Set a time limit

Brainstorming can soon lose momentum if the facilitator doesn’t set time limitations and keep the session flowing. It’s a good idea to arrange a time restriction for each subject. For example, 15 to 20 minutes works well for brainstorming, depending on how many topics you need to cover.

You can also determine a target number of ideas for each case. For instance, write 20 ideas in 20 minutes. Use a timer to give everyone a visual cue and encourage sprints filled with adrenaline as the clock ticks down.

  • Everyone must participate

Everyone should understand when contributing suggestions. In addition, each person has to be honest about their ideas. Encourage everyone to speak their minds and leave no one out. When everyone has finished sharing their thoughts, give them each a compliment.

By applying these methods, brainstorming with a team becomes much more fun. The key is ensuring everyone participates and is comfortable sharing ideas, no matter how wild they are.
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