Animated Explainer Video is a Shortcut for Your Brand's Success

Animated Explainer Video is a Shortcut for Your Brand’s Success

Improving business performance through digital marketing requires a mature strategy. You can start by writing copy, creating design concepts, and then making videos that can contain images, text, and sound. An explainer video is one medium you can choose to communicate your brand’s message.

Why explainer videos? Video is the king on today’s digital platforms. According to data from YANS Media, 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch online videos over television. Then, online video will generate more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. Plus, audiences remember 95% of messages in the video, compared to only 10% through writing.

YANS Media also mentioned that brands prefer explainer videos to present their products. As a result, it achieves the highest points with the amount of 55% content in the internet world as of 2022. The second most-used strategy is 50% for tutorial videos and 49% for product videos.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to use explainer videos as your digital marketing strategy. You can create an animated explainer video with many advantages over other types of videos.

Communicate various things through an animated explainer video

The best way to get your brand message across through an explainer video is to pay attention to 3 points:

  1. Make concise explainer videos.
  2. Create a video that is easy to understand and remember.
  3. Make it personal, so it evokes human emotions.

An animated explainer video can be a shortcut to improve your brand persona. Animation, also known as motion graphic video, can visualize your wildest idea by showing images, graphics, or illustrations. As a result, it saves production time and costs. In addition, you don’t have to bother hiring talent to act in videos.

You can see an example of a motion graphic video on the promotion of BukaLapak, one of the largest e-commerce sites in Indonesia. In addition to using animation or illustrations, they put audio as background music and voiceover. They display these elements to arouse the audience’s safe, comfortable, easy, and interested mood when using this e-commerce application. Audio and visuals are the keys so the audience can easily remember your brand using the human senses to perceive.

BukaLapak Explainer Video

Consider creating an animated explainer video to gain benefit

Who said making an animated explainer video costs you more? As we already mentioned, creating one will save you time, money, and effort. However, there are other advantages to creating an animated explainer video. You can only find out when you invest in the video. Read this article to understand more about the importance of investing in video.

– It levels up your brand’s storytelling

People mostly use writing and pictures to promote the products. However, this method is weak if you want to convey a detailed narrative. People can shorten how your brand tells a story through motion graphic video. Make videos with 30 seconds to 3 minutes to advertise on social media.

But on the other hand, you can also create long animations to tell your brand further. For example, see Kurzegast’s video, which reveals in as much detail as possible how they produce content for YouTube that 7.1M people have already watched.

Kurzgesagt Explainer Video

– Animated explainer video can show practical things

Humans are visual creatures. The Great Creator designed our brains to receive information more quickly through visuals. You can read this article to understand how our brains work when seeing visual content.

Visuals are essential to fully conveying our message to the audience. An animated explainer video is excellent for sharing extended, detailed information about your brand. Moreover, you can do it if you have unfamiliar products or services to the audience. Or, your product has a complicated way of using it, so you have to explain it step by step through animated videos.

– It boosts your SEO and conversion rates

In this internet era, videos can improve SEO performance and engagement of people who use them.

Platforms for sharing videos like YouTube and TikTok lead the way in marketing. As a result, people will often share media in videos on social networking systems. For example, an animated explainer video displays highly dynamic and varied images. Thus, the mix of visuals with audio attracts viewers to watch and share with others.

When your brand engagement has increased, many people want to know more about your product. Thus, they will buy and use it if it can solve the audience’s problem.

Structure the animated explainer video to your purpose

Now, you know the importance of an animated explainer video or motion graphics. You can use it to improve digital brand performance and increase awareness, conversion rates, and loyalty from people who have used your product.

Next, follow this guide to create a comprehensive animated explainer video.

1. Focus on your customer’s problem

To achieve your business goals, ensure your audience has a problem that needs a solution. Create a storyline where the characters have the same problems as your audience. This way shows that your video is relevant to them.

In addition, by arousing their emotions, an animated explainer video can encourage them to keep watching.

Next, recommend solutions to the audience’s problems. Then, please explain how your brand’s product or service is the perfect answer to their problem.

2. Offer your brand’s solution

An animated explainer video allows you to explain your brand and products. First, list the core benefits of using your product that set it apart from other brands. Then, focus on its main benefit or use.

Then, invite the audience to take action to solve the problem by using your product. Add any sentences that reflect your goal. For example, “Get them on our website now!” or “Subscribe to our channel to know more about life hacks!”

Make sure that your brand can help them and how they can contact you.

3. Create a thorough animation

This broad category of explainer videos includes 2D and 3D, motion graphics, whiteboards, kinetic typography, and stop motion animation styles. In addition, these videos involve moving graphics, music, typography, and voiceovers.

Animated videos are great for giving a business a friendly, colorful face. You can lighten the mood of a serious topic to seem fun. With engaging guides, whiteboard animation and typography are also helpful in breaking down complex issues.

Nice To Meet You Studio can create an animated explainer video. So, schedule a call to start your captivating motion graphic video with us!

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